Fix AR5007EG Wireless connects but no internet on Vista

I recently was called to look at someone's aging laptop which had a number of viruses and other problems the most annoying of which was non functioning wireless which seemingly started at random. The wireless networking worked as far as finding and connecting to the network and even obtaining an IP address but would then refuse to transfer any traffic at all, local or internet and got the dreaded yellow warning triangle.

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Microsoft further loses the plot…


I’ll try and keep this brief, but I find myself quite bemused with Microsoft’s idea of security.

When Windows 8 launched one of the first things I remember was being asked to link my Microsoft account, fair enough I thought it makes sense if I’m likely to buy anything off the store.

Like quite a few out there I suspect, I use a password manager with a fairly strong master password to then manage a collection of unique 20+ character secure generated passwords, it makes sense and especially important for websites which store my payment account information.

So after linking my account the next time I come to log in I find my usual login password is out the window and I *have* to use my ms account password. Wait what? Continue reading “Microsoft further loses the plot…”