Me and Smartwatches


With the recent announcement of the Apple Watch the world seems to be taking a little bit more notice in the realm of wearables. Like many I watched the keynote and was very impressed by Apples take on the smart watch, its very different to what anyone else is doing and has some thought put into it…

…but I don’t want one (yet).


Back in August my better half got me a Pebble Smartwatch for my birthday. I’d had my eye on getting one for a while but never got round to it. Now I have it in my life I am enjoying wearing a watch again and it been a boon at work being able to keep abreast of notifications (especially from our ticketing system) and it has a fun selection of watch faces and does what I feel I “need” right now with the inclusion of a not so annoying needing to charge every night.

In the wake of the Apple Watch announcement a number of tech pundits have been sounding the death knell of the pebble. Saying that they feel sorry for them and that their exit was to be bought by Apple or Google but to me this seems incredibly short sighted and heres why.

1) The pebble came out before any of the current contenders and has many thousands of happy users world wide, this is gen 1 hardware. Samsung have made countless watches in a year!

2) The pebble is cross platform, at least with iOS and Android which arguably makes up the majority of the smartphone market, other platforms are no doubt possible, Apples and Android Wear based efforts require a proprietary smart phone to work with and Galaxy Gear limited to select Samsung Phones..

3) The battery life is not to be sniffed at. Charging smartphones every night has become a routine, and probably with watches too it may some day, but i like not having to worry about having to charge every night, especially if I am going away for a few days I dont want to carry 3 or 4 charges to charge all my devices.

4) Fitness tracking. Many of us now have a dedicated fitness tracker such as a Fitbit or Jawbone UP again with long battery life, they are durable and importantly cheaper to replace if damaged. In my case I also have a Garmin running watch with heart rate monitor. In my case if i’m going out for a run i don’t want to take my £300+ watch running especially if it might run or I fall etc.

Yes arguments can be made for combining things for less devices but with my current wearable “strategy” I can mix and match my fitness options and my phone choice doesn’t come into it.

So for me I am passing for now on the current crop of new smart watches as my pebble suits me fine for now and I’d rather see how things develop on the whole. From what I read Pebble have a 2nd gen in the works which I will look forward to hearing about soon, hopefully continuing their USP of amazing battery life and cross platform compatibility.

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