Transfer photos to camera roll from PC or Mac (video added)

If like me you just got a new iPhone and didn’t want to restore an old backup you’ll no doubt still want to put your photos back. Unfortunately apple don’t make this easy on us and the built in iTunes method messes with photo quality so another way is in order.

In this guide I use an app called FileBrowser which is available on the App Store for £3.99 – which might sound like a lot on the cheap App Store but it really is worth it, it allows you to easily manage and move files between Camera Roll, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc and very soon iCloud Drive. I’ve also got it set up for access to documents on our NAS at work. There is a free version available but I can’t be sure this will work.

Secondly and for the desktop I use iFunbox.

1. Plug in your phone with the Lightning cable, Open up iFunbox and click on the Classic Tab.

2. Navigate down the tree on the left to App File Sharing, FileBrowser and then .data.

3. Select all your picture in explorer and click and drag them into this folder and wait for them to finish.

4. Disconnect the phone

5. Open FileBrowser on your iPhone and go into my files you should see your photos.

6. Press select, then select all and then copy should be lit up along with the number of files. Press copy and then ok.

7. Now navigate using the interface to Photo Library the camera roll and press the X items selected button on the top right and confirm the prompt to paste the files. Depending on the number of photos you have this will take a few minutes.

And that’s it!

Check your photos app to make sure everything is there and if all is well return to FileBrowser into My Files and then select all but this time choose the speed bubble to the left and choose delete to remove these now duplicated photos from your handset.

Here is the video of the process as well

If you have any comments of questions please post below.

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  1. I use ” PicBack – Photo Transfer App ” it import photos and videos directly To camera roll and it can also find duplicated photos , very handy and very easy to use, you can find it at the app store

    [ ]

    Give that a try 😉

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