Instacast Up Next Bug Workaround [Bugfix Released]

Update: 4.2 is now live in the App Store which fixes these bugs however a small glitch I was left with after the workaround autocorrect kept correcting me in French so just make sure if you get anything like this you go to Settings-General-Keyboards and delete any additional keyboards.

If you’ve been cursing for the last few weeks since the most recent release of Instacast came out you aren’t alone suffering with the up next bug. A few weeks down the line now and a suggestion came back from the developer on twitter which I have detailed below which fixed the bug for me.

The developer is working on a permanent fix.

1. Force quit Instacast if open
2. Go to iPhone settings and then general and international options and change the language setting. In my case I used French as it was close and I can read French,
3. Wait for phone to respring and open the app, problem most likely still happens.
4. Force quit the app again
5. Return to the international settings and switch back to your main language (probably English)
6. After respring has finished load Instacast and test.

Worked for me and two others on twitter. Hope it works for you too.

If it works and you are on twitter let the developer know @vemedio


Was just sent this on twitter as an alternative workaround

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