With the recent announcement of the Apple Watch the world seems to be taking a little bit more notice in the realm of wearables. Like many I watched the keynote and was very impressed by Apples take on the smart watch, its very different to what anyone else is doing and has some thought put into it…

…but I don’t want one (yet).


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I’m an avid podcast fan and follow a number of tech related podcasts and indeed I probably spend more time listening to them than my iPod!

Anyway I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to and it was with some excitement I learned that two of my favourite podcasters Myke Hurley and Federico Viticci were starting their own gaming podcast. The inaugural episode was last week and I really enjoyed it. It fills the space left behind in my feed by the Big Red Potion podcast with Sinan Kubba and friends which ended in 2012 really well.

You can find the podcast’s website and RSS feed here or add using the directory in your favourite podcast app.

Please note the above podcast/album art is used for illustrative purposes only and is copyright of its respective owner.

Been sitting on the fence for too long now and decided to give this whole IOS automation a go and picked up Drafts to compliment Launch Centre Pro I already own.

Most of the documentation I’ve found so far appears to be as clear as mud so I’ll Probably end up posting bits up here as I learn!

If you’ve given it a bash already and come up with anything cool I’d love to hear from you especially if you can help me learn!!

Update: 4.2 is now live in the App Store which fixes these bugs however a small glitch I was left with after the workaround autocorrect kept correcting me in French so just make sure if you get anything like this you go to Settings-General-Keyboards and delete any additional keyboards.

If you’ve been cursing for the last few weeks since the most recent release of Instacast came out you aren’t alone suffering with the up next bug. A few weeks down the line now and a suggestion came back from the developer on twitter which I have detailed below which fixed the bug for me.

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I recently was called to look at someone's aging laptop which had a number of viruses and other problems the most annoying of which was non functioning wireless which seemingly started at random. The wireless networking worked as far as finding and connecting to the network and even obtaining an IP address but would then refuse to transfer any traffic at all, local or internet and got the dreaded yellow warning triangle.

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I’ll try and keep this brief, but I find myself quite bemused with Microsoft’s idea of security.

When Windows 8 launched one of the first things I remember was being asked to link my Microsoft account, fair enough I thought it makes sense if I’m likely to buy anything off the store.

Like quite a few out there I suspect, I use a password manager with a fairly strong master password to then manage a collection of unique 20+ character secure generated passwords, it makes sense and especially important for websites which store my payment account information.

So after linking my account the next time I come to log in I find my usual login password is out the window and I *have* to use my ms account password. Wait what?Continue reading